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Landon Smith
Born in United States
1 day
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to my son
i cant believe its almost been a year. i bet your getting so big... i just want to hold you again, i never wanted to let you go. i look at your ultrasound all the time where you are smiling at us and it warms my heart. daddy is going threw a really rough time in life but every night i lay next to your things and know you'll always be there waiting for me. i miss you so much.... but you have to stay strong for daddy as i must do the same for you. i still remember the first time i caught a glimpse of your beautiful lil face and looked at your tiny hands and feet. i could have sat there and held you forever. i want you to know i love you more then life itself no matter what. and please forgive me for bringing that bad man to your funeral, i will always feel sorry for letting him in. but your service was still perfect. me and grandma will be down to see you real soon. until then you be safe lil man. and always remember..... daddy loves you so much.......

Not a day goes by

That I don't think of you

You are in my heart

Through and through

We miss you so much

Oh yes we do

Landon, why

Did our Lord take you?

I know we will never know why

I know this is true

Landon Michael

We love you.

We think about you all day

And dream about you at night

Knowing what a perfect little boy you are

Knowing the reasons why

Keeping watching over us

To keep us all safe

Keep on loving us

As we do the same.

Play with your cousins

For they know you are there

Even though we can't see you

Show them the way.

We love you Landon

Yes we do

With all my love

This is for you.


Copyright ©2007 Laura Beth Schell



I wrote you a note to be put in your caskey but they had already sealed it so we didn't get to put it in there.  Well It basically said how I wasn't expeting to be there when you were born, and since I was it was a way for You and God to let me know that I was meant to be there.  It scared me because your mommy said something felt weird and not even a minute later, you were here.  We all cried when the nurse picked you up.. and we just sat there comforting your mommy.  I loved being able to see your little toes, hands, you had your daddys face...   You were soo tiny but yet so precious.  We will always love you and we will always miss you.   You are forever in my heart.


Love you little man..

Landon Michael Smith
Your Aunt Laura Wrote these to Us From You!

Daddy Wipe Those Tears

Daddy Daddy wipe those tears
I'm all better, I have no fears.
Jesus took my hand today
and said Landon I will lead the way.
This is where the Angels play
this where all my babies stay.
We watch down on our loved ones
we show them the way
we show them how to go day by day.
Our loved ones look to us and pray
we respond and say "okay".
Daddy I know why I am here
Jesus told me why
He said that this day was my day to fly.
Like I tell mommy
and I'll tell you the same
I am loved and it will never change.
We will be together
but no time soon
until that day I will always be with you
I love you Daddy
yes I do
Please hold Mommy to get her through
I'm with Angels everyday
but you already knew this was the way
Keep me close for I have no fear
The love you have has set it clear.
I love you daddy
yes I do
I'll see you daddy
but No time soon.
Laura Beth Schell
Copyright ©2007 Laura Beth Schell

Mommy Mommy Please Don't Cry

Mommy Mommy please don't cry
Here's all the reasons and I'll tell you why
I'm the rain that falls from the sky
I'm the wind the blows through your hair
I'm the tears that you feel are near.
I'm the laughter that keeps you going
I'm the shadow that's on the ground
I'm the angel that you know is around.
I'll be here forever and ever
You can feel me throughout the day
and you know in your heart what I will say
I love you mommy
and my daddy too
our bond we have is never ending
I'll see you no time soon
We will be reunited
this is true
Until then Mommy
Remember that I LOVE YOU.

Laura Beth Schell
Copyright ©2007 Laura Beth Schell
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